How to SAVE an ELK Studios Bonus

Finally, ELK Studios have added a SAVE option to their excellent range of online slots.

Important steps

  1. Before starting to spin the slot, go into SETTINGS and choose option to SAVE BONUS.
  2. When the bonus lands, choose SAVE BONUS at top of screen. Your bonus is now saved for 12 hours.
  3. To replay a bonus, go to MENU when you reopen & choose to replay (under SAVE BONUS setting).

I’ve tried to save a few bonuses on slot titles such as Cygnus 3, Toro Shogun & Pirots. They save perfectly for 12 hours.


When does the bonus actually pay out?

It saves the bonus totally, and nothing is paid out until you replay it (inside the 12 hour save window).

If I miss the 12 hour deadline, or mess the save up, what happens?

The bonus will simply pay out into your balance. You might still be able to find a replay, but the bonus itself has been paid out.

Have you tried it over different save timescales?

Yes. I saved & replayed inside minutes, no problem. I then saved a bonus for 11½ hours, no problem either.

Are ELK Studios slots worth playing in a Bonus Hunt?

Absolutely. They bonus fairly consistently. Those bonuses consistently pay a reasonable return. All Elk slots can pay well, but they’ll always hold their own in a hunt. I’m delighted to have them on my list.

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