Punt the Profit – £400 to play with

£400 to be played in roulette & online slots bonus hunts, over 3 legs. £30 giveaway to whoever guesses closest to my end balance.

Following our recent successful MEGAWAYS Slots Bonus Hunt (below, incase you missed it), I was left with a balance of £907 in Mega Casino. Most of that is profit, made up of various slot battles, roulette visits, etc. I reckoned £250 was initial deposits, so I’ve taken a £500 cashout to leave a balance of £407.

The intenton is to punt this £400 (£407 in reality) profit, over a series of 3 videos.

  • Video 1 – will be £200 on Multifire Roulette (video will be live Friday 26th March 2021).
  • Video 2 – will be a standard £200 online slots Bonus Hunt.
  • Video 3 – will be a MEGAWAYS Bonus Hunt, with remaining balance after videos 1 & 2. I’ll rise stakes as I see fit.

£30 Subscriber Giveaway

I’m asking all my Youtube subscribers to comment on videos this week, and I’ve included a form at the bottom of this article for website visitors to enter too.

Simply tell me what my REMAINING BALANCE will be, after the 3 legs are played out. Go to pence, if you want to.

The closest to my remaining balance, either above or below, will receive £30 via bank transfer. I’ll show the results of this in my next video after the 3 legs are finished.

There are 3 ways to enter this £30 giveaway (only one entry per person):

  1. Leave a comment on any of my 3 Youtube videos this week, from Tuesday to Thursday (there will be 3 videos to choose from, Tue, Wed, Thu). Tell me what my remaining balance will be on Sunday, after I play out my Megaways Bonus Hunt.
  2. Fill in the form below, to register your entry.
  3. Comment on my Twitter post announcing this series of videos (it will be on my feed today, Monday 22nd March).

Please note – I will set an exit-strategy limit before I go into roulette (probably around £500), and I may well spin an occasional spin after a slots bonus is played out. I’ll just behave on my videos as I normally do. The remaining balance will be the amount right at the end, when my Megaways Bonus Hunt ends on Sunday.

Good luck all, and good luck me 🙂

£600 Megaways Bonus Hunt which gave us our profit

Enter £30 Giveaway (simply guess my end balance)

Entries accepted until 1st video goes live on Friday (probably around noon).

I’ll include a spreadsheet of all entries in my 1st video next week (probably Monday) and I’ll show how I arrived at a winner. That winner will receive £30 via bank transfer the moment I can verify their entry. If you enter via the form above, I’ll email you, but if you enter on twitter/youtube, you’ll need to contact me (as I’ll not have your email address).

Punt the Profit – £400 start.

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