Top 10 tips for safer online Casino gambling

Online Casino Slots is a convenient way to play slot games in the comfort of your own home. A wealth of games are available, from many casinos, and it pays to be ahead of the game before you decide to try your luck.

1. Do your homework

Read the Terms & Conditions properly.

Casinos are all heavily-regulated, but there are many T&C’s which may not suit you, or may indicate a less-than-reliable Casino.

Check their Win & Withdrawal limits, incase you’re lucky to hit that big jackpot, but find getting your money isn’t always easy. Ensure you check deposit & withdrawal methods, and limits to these.

Read some reviews online, to see if there have been problems with your chosen Casino. Some scare stories still exist, even in these days of heavy regulation.

2. Only play Casinos that use reputable Game Providers

There are plenty of excellent Casino & Slots game providers out there, and your chosen Casino should use some/all of those. Certainly many have exclusive games, some will have providers you’ve not heard of, but the majority of their games should be from big name providers.

Easily checked online, and Game Providers are subject to some serious scrutiny by online reviews. Dodgy software will not be a path to a happy gaming experience for you.

3. Don’t gamble more than you can afford

This seems like common sense, but it’s the biggest failing for problem gamblers.

You are playing a game of chance. Chance only what you can afford to lose, as you probably will over time.

Think about how much you can afford to lose, set a budget each week, and do not exceed it.

4. Don’t try to con a Casino

If you’re under 18 years old, or have something known to yourself which might bar you from playing or withdrawing from a Casino, don’t assume you can pull the wool over their eyes.

Casinos operate under very strict regulations, and they don’t forget to check the finer details.

You’ll find, when you come to cash out, you’ll hit a wall with a Casino who finds you have been less than honest.

Be honest, have your ID to hand if needed, and try to be courteous to Casino support staff, should you have a query.

Do not try to create multiple accounts with the one Casino. This will bite you eventually, and they’ll pick you up on it eventually. You cannot beat a computer, and the computer is always watching.

5. Don’t chase losses

Don’t assume that a win will appear to suddenly pull you out of a hole you’ve created for yourself. It’s a sure way of digging that hole deeper.

Don’t let that “it’s due to pay out” notion cloud your judgement, and make you abandon all your spending limits.

Players going on ’tilt’ are invariably going to end up losing more, ask any serious gambler.

6. Don’t gamble when taking drink or drugs

Winning at slots, or any Casino game, is difficult enough without your judgement being impaired.

That dutch courage you invariably get from drink/drugs will end up costing you more money than you can afford. Let your hangover need only an Aspirin, not a bank loan too.

Consider your general mood too. If you sit down at online slots when in a bad mood, or upset, you’ll be distracted. A distracted mind will not make the best decisions.

7. Take frequent breaks

During long playing sessions, and between sessions, ensure you step away from the Casino.

Take some air, eat some food, play with the kids/dog. It will help settle your mind, and reduce your chances of losing perspective.

Don’t let gambling lose you sleep. If you’re spending too much time online, take more frequent breaks, and try to impose some stricter time limits.

8. Ignore betting/gambling “systems”

Everyone knows someone who has a “system” for gambling. They’ll pop up occasionally to tell you how their system made them some cash. They tend not to dwell on their losses, and these system invariably don’t work online.

If you are lucky enough to have a brain which can find a way to hoodwink, or get the better of, a computer – perhaps you should put it to better use, as there will be huge demand & reward for such a brain in the world of industry.

9. Try the Casino games out first

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a Casino game, try it out first. Many offer Demo money, or Freeplay, to test them.

Try using small, irrelevant, stakes for a while, until you know what you are doing.

Don’t simply hurl money at a game, thinking you’ll learn as you go. Why disadvantage yourself immediately?

10. Try to have fun

Don’t gamble for a living, unless you really know what you’re doing. The upshot is, only a few people make a profit long-term from gambling. Successful gamblers look to long-term, make intelligent well-reasoned bets, and never over-stretch their finances.

Look at online Casinos as fun. A hobby. A way to relax/unwind. If you are one of the lucky people who nabs a big win, then it’s a bonus. Don’t live your life waiting on it.

Casino games can deliver hours of fun, but only if you can control yourself and not let them become an addiction that will result in some serious side-effects for your life.

If you need any help with your Gambling, or if you even wish to pre-arm yourself with some information, please check out

A site dedicated to helping with problem gambling, and they have many tips to avoid falling into the trap of problem gambling.

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