Do you have a gambling problem? Take our quiz

Take our simple questionnaire to see if your have a Gambling Problem. It’s not fool proof, but it might alert you to a looming issue. Help is always available.

Questionnaire: Are you a problem gambler?

1. Do you bet more than you can afford to lose?


2. Do you need to gamble with larger amounts of money to get the same feeling?


3. Have you tried to win back money you have lost (chasing losses)?


4. Have you borrowed money or sold anything to get money to gamble?


5. Have you wondered whether you have a problem with gambling?


6. Has your gambling caused you any health problems, including feelings of stress or anxiety?


7. Have other people criticised your betting or told you that you had a gambling problem (regardless of whether or not you thought it was true)?


8. Has your gambling caused any financial problems for you or your household?


9. Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you gamble?


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