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Maximum of 80 Youtube Subscribers will play out a large Slot Battle tournament, starting with Group Stages and ending via Knockout Stages.

This tournament will begin & be played out during August/September 2021, but I hope to make it a regular event.

1st Prize is £100, 2nd Prize is £25 and there are Prize Wheel Prizes for every Stage throughout.

Full details are below.

How do I enter?

You simply fill in the Registration Form below with your email address and your game choices.

You must be a Youtube Subscriber on the Angry Slots channel to be eligible.

That's it. No need to sign up to anything, this competition is purely a Thank You to my subscribers. You're not registering with this or any site here, your registration is used simply for this competition only.


  • 80 Youtube Subscribers will compete
  • These 80 subscribers will be split into 8 Groups of 10 subscribers.
  • Top 2 qualify from each Group for the Last 16 stage.
  • Simple Knockout Stages from the Last 16 until the Final.
  • Each subscriber chooses 3 slot games.
  • 1st choice game played at Group stage.
  • 2nd choice game played at Last 16 Stage (should you qualify).
  • 3rd choice game played at Quarter Final stage.
  • Top performing slot of 3 chosen games played at Semi Final.
  • Final will consist of all 3 chosen games, with a cumulative profit total.
  • All games are played until they bonus or Max of 300 spins.
  • Only 1 bonus is permitted. Lose it in a gamble, there's not a 2nd.
  • Highest Profit for the game is what we measure, not X-Wins.


  • £100 – 1st Place (Overall Winner)
  • £25 – 2nd Place (Losing Finalist)
  • Prize Wheel Spin for each Stage Winner (ie, each Group winner, and the winner of each Stage knockout match).
  • Prize Wheel Spin for any Bonus of 250x or more.

Prizes for the Prize Wheel will be updated when finalised, but it will include:

  • Provider Merchandise (eg, BTG Mugs, No Limit City Hats, etc)
  • Amazon Vouchers
  • Angry Slots Mugs
  • Free Spins at selected casinos
  • etc etc (still being worked on)


  • Tournament will be played at ICE36 CASINO (venturing off only when a game is not available).
  • All games will be played at 40p-50p stake, according to the stakes available.
  • Winner is decided by the MOST PROFIT made on the game, like I've done in my regular subscriber battles.
  • We'll try to oblige with prizes & exchanges, but please allow for stocks to run out and options to limit at the tournament progresses.
  • We have a thread in our CHAT FORUM where you can ask any question you like regarding this tournament.  We'll do our best to answer them in there, so everyone can see them too.
  • Should you have a suggestion on how to improve the tournament, given we're not yet started, feel free to post it into the forum too.  We're happy to take on board any decent ideas.

Good luck everyone!



Why do we need to register our email address via website, instead of just using youtube comments as usual?

There are too many prizes, too much back/forth to be able to handle this quantity of subscribers over youtube comments. A simple email exchange would sort most queries as we progress. Say, for example, you win Free Spins. I need to email to check this is suitable, or arrange a replacement.

How will you shortlist down to 80 subscribers, if more than 80 enter?

I will use which has a List Randomiser app. I simply paste in the list of entrants, and it will sort these randomly, so we can choose 1-80. Then we can proceed with the 80, sorting these into groups using a random draw app suitable for such. I will feature the draws in the relevant videos.

What if I don't want my prize, or I want to exchange it?

We'll email all prizewinners when they win a prize, and give simple instructions for exchange etc. We'll not be able to meet every exchange request as prize stock diminishes, but we'll do our utmost to ensure you're satisfied.

What if I choose to gamble my bonus, and it loses? Can I go again if it's inside my 300 spins?

No, we stop at you hitting the bonus. The 300 spins limit is really only so we don't go on without bonusing forever. One bonus is all we seek on any game, and we'll either be guided by your instructions or we'll make a choice ourselves.

What happens if I don't give bonus instructions?

If you leave it up to me, I'll play it like I would play it normally. In some cases that means I'll gamble once, in others I'll simply choose middle options, etc. Apologies if it loses, but you will have left the choice to me, and that's how the cookie crumbles.

What if my game is not available on the casino you are playing at?

If your game choice isn't available, I'll try another casino. If I can get your game at any of the casinos I play at, then we'll nip over there to play it out. All games will be played on Ice36 Casino, so you can have a look there, if you need some games to choose from.

Will you keep a live results service?

Yes, apart from the videos on youtube, we will keep a page with all results on it too. This will be on our website when it's timely, and results will be updated a few hours after each video is released.

What if two subscribers draw?

If profit is exactly the same, down to the penny is recorded, then we will take Bonus X Win as the deciding factor. Highest X win will qualify.

What if I don't have an account at a casino, but I win Free Spins?

Free Spins do have some clauses attached, which I'm finalising with the casino. I'll have these up soon. If you win these & aren't eligible, then we'll exchange them for another prize without question.



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