How To Setup a Digital Wallet On Uphold

Setting up your digital wallet on Uphold involves three easy steps:

  • Registering an account on Uphold
  • Verifying your identity with Uphold
  • Organising your dashboard

We’ll walk through each of these steps in order, but if you’ve already completed one of the steps you can skip forward to the next section.

Registering Your Uphold Account

Getting started with Uphold is as simple as registering an account by clicking here and following the instructions. Aside from your name and email, you will need to submit your date of birth and mobile phone number.

Your phone number is principally used to complete two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps to keep your account secure.

Here’s how 2FA works: You will receive a text message with a code to the phone number you submit. You will need to enter the code to complete your registration.

Verification: Unlocking All Of Uphold’s Features

Now that your account is set up, it’s easy to become a verified Uphold member.

On the Uphold platform, members who verify their identity have full access to all of Uphold’s tools and perks. Unverified members can still access the platform, but are subject to certain limitations.

If you are unverified, your transaction ceiling is $1,000 U.S. dollars. Uphold require members to be verified when the total value of their lifetime transactions (not including the addition of funds to their accounts) goes above $1,000 US dollars.

Once you’re ready to get verified, go to your dashboard and open the membership tab. Then click “start” to begin the process.

To initiate the verification process, submit the following:

  • Your current residential address
  • A clear photo of your face
  • Your Social Security Number (U.S. residents only)

Upload one of the following valid government-issued IDs: Passport, National ID Card, or Driver’s License. (To upload, you can either submit a file or use your computer’s camera to create an image of the document.)

If you’re not sure if you’re already a verified member, it’s easy to check. On your dashboard, you’ll see a green checkmark next to your profile in the upper right-hand corner if verification is complete.

Organising Your Dashboard

The last step to setting up your digital wallet is to organise your dashboard.

The most important part of organising your dashboard is getting your cards in order. Remember that cards represent your holdings in different forms of currency and commodities (bitcoin, U.S. dollars, GBP, etc.).

Setting up a new wallet is simple. Go to “Add Card/Currency”. Then, name your card and select the currency type.

Once you have added the card, you can click on the card to add funds.

Choose between a bank account, credit or debit card, or cryptocurrency address to transfer funds into your Uphold account. Then you can add the amount of your choosing, and it will appear in the form of currency you’ve chosen.

Now you’re ready to customise, favourite, and add new cards at will. You can also send or receive money to or from anyone anywhere in the world, check your live balances, and track your recent activity.

Finally, you can click on “View More” to see your full transaction history.

Your Digital Wallet is Ready to Go!

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