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Bonus Hunt Bingo

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Hey guys, here's a wee list of sayings and phrases that I've compiled into a list to be used as a bingo card to be played on any bonus hunt video. 

Feel free to add to the list if you think I've missed any!

I really hope everyone enjoys all the little 'Angry-isims' that he comes out with as much as I do !

Angry Slots Bonus Hunt Bingo

1) Look at yee
2) Ye boy ye
3) (Ye) Dirty Dog - or variation
4) Purr (Poor)
5) Disgusting
6) What. Are. Yew. Doing. Game?!
7) Just wouldn't do it
8) Paid Rightly
9) Cant be bad to that
10) Re trigger would be lovely
11) Creeping it's way to a decent bonus
12) Onwards
13) Work to do here still
14) Ohh Maaann
15) Spun me out at the end
16) I do like this game
18) Dirty dead spin
19) Had Chances
20) Need ye to start hitting
21) Surely to god
22) Unbelievable
23) Crackin Bonus
24) Sure ye know I love ye
25) Brutal
26) We're in great nick

Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2022 2:26 am
Hey Mo and Angry Slots reacted
Angry Slots
Estimable Member Admin

Love it 🙂

I have to admit to recognising every one of those.

Posted : 28/08/2022 3:36 am
Active Member

Come to daddy, cried it in 😁

Posted : 22/10/2022 8:27 am
Angry Slots reacted
Hey Mo

Come On You Wee Hussy

Posted : 26/10/2022 9:09 am
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