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[Closed] Challenge Angry #42 - Wednesday 18th October 2023

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Angry Slots
Reputable Member Admin

We are BACK!! Bigger & better than ever!! 

  • Stake will now be €0.80-€1.00
  • Minimum guarantee now €50

This is another week of our CHALLENGE ANGRY competitions, which will be run on our Livestream each Wednesday morning (starting on a Wednesday at 11am).

You choose a slot, Angry chooses a slot.

If you get a bigger X-Win than Angry, then you WIN THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR BONUS.

This thread will close BEFORE Wednesday's Livestream - so get your entry in!!!

To Enter:

  1. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and/or our Twitch Channel.
  2. Enter your Slot choice below. If it has a Gamble or choice to be made, give instructions (eg, "Rick & Morty Wubba, Meseeks+ please").
  3. Please only enter once, with 1 slot. All additional entries will be ignored.

How it works:

  1. An hour before Wednesday's Livestream (so approx 10am) I'll close Entries on this thread.
  2. All entries below will be added to a Prizewheel & we'll draw one out on Livestream to "Challenge Angry".
  3. I'll play my slot choice, then we'll play your slot. Maximum 150 spins, or until they bonus once.
  4. If you get a bigger X-Win on bonus than me, you win whatever your bonus returns.
  5. If Challenger slot doesn't bonus in 150 spins, they lose. Challenger must bonus their slot to be eligible to win.
  6. If both Angry & Challenger fail to bonus their slot in 150 spins, Challenger loses. They still failed to bonus.
  7. I may, according to how a Livestream is doing, draw more than 1 challenger out on a Stream. I'll guarantee 1 challenger per week though as a minimum.
  8. Stake will be decided on the day, but usually €0.80-€1.00. It may be adjusted according to stakes we're playing that day. €0.80-€1.00 gives us full scope with stake options on the vast majority of slots.
  9. I will guarantee €50 as a minimum in the event a winning bonus amount doesn't reach that.


Points to note:

#1 GamStop

I'm aware some subscribers are currently on GamStop.

I cannot spin slots on your behalf at all, so if you are entering (and you're perfectly welcome to enter, do not feel excluded) we'll have to offer you a £30 Amazon Voucher or an item of Merch, should you be chosen from our Prizewheel.

I'll still play your slot though, for fun only.

If you're on GamStop please put a (G) at the end of your entry. If you're not comfortable putting this publicly on forum, please drop me a private message or email via website, so I know.

I have to operate a Zero Tolerance approach to GamStop, in order to satisfy my basic duty of care to viewers/subscribers, so I'm afraid anyone on GamStop found to be abusing our Giveaways will have to be banned from all future competitions.

#2 Eligibility

You must be over 18 years old to enter this (or any) giveaway competition.

Entries are limited to one per person.

This competition is FREE to enter.

We do operate a fairly strict anti-spam procedure, so please don't spam entries. Only your first valid entry will count.

#3 If your slot choice is not available on the casino I'm playing (I normally play a Skill on Net on a Wednesday), I'll replace it with something I feel is similar.


Oct2022 FrontBanner6 Challenge Angry
Topic starter Posted : 16/10/2023 9:06 am
Active Member

I'll take razor shark please angry lad 

Posted : 16/10/2023 9:22 am
Active Member


Rise of merlin please ya boy ye 

Posted : 16/10/2023 9:26 am
New Member

Please can I have legacy of dead 😊

Posted : 16/10/2023 9:56 am
Eminent Member

Chaos crew 2 please

Posted : 16/10/2023 1:39 pm
Eminent Member

Big fishing fortune for me please angry

Posted : 16/10/2023 3:21 pm
Eminent Member

Wild blood 2 please (Rebecca)

Posted : 16/10/2023 5:49 pm
Active Member

Hi bud , could I get genie Jackpots wishmaker,  any bonuses apart from bottom 2 , thanks bud  good luck all 

Posted : 16/10/2023 6:55 pm
Trusted Member

Wild walker plz Mr Angry 

Posted : 16/10/2023 8:02 pm

Outlaw (left ) Good Luck Mate

Posted : 17/10/2023 12:14 am
Active Member

Gate Of Olympus

Posted : 17/10/2023 12:15 am
Active Member

@angryadmin Chilli 16 going to keep at it.

Posted : 17/10/2023 12:15 am
Eminent Member

@angryadmin Fat Drac for me for a wee change

Posted : 17/10/2023 12:15 am
Active Member

Would like Golden Glyph 3...Good luck!

Posted : 17/10/2023 12:33 am
Eminent Member

lil devil left side pls angry, good luck 

Posted : 17/10/2023 1:06 am
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