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The Great Big Angry Subscriber Battle - Slot Battle Tournament - Info/Feedback/Queries...

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So I've kicked off what I hope will become a monthly event, with a new Subscriber Battle idea.

Since I usually do a youtube video each week, and we draw out 6 Youtube Subscribers for that, many aren't getting a chance to have their games played.

This hopefully addresses that, with up to 80 Subscribers competing.  Each will get a minimum of 1 game choice played.

There's a page being drafted for the site, explaining it all & How to Enter.

This thread is for information & if you have any Feedback or Queries which we can help with.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them here, or use our Contact Us form.

This tournament is solely for Youtube Subscribers, and there is no sign-up or casino obligation whatsoever.  This is simply a Thank You for your loyal support.

Good luck everyone & many thanks.

Angry Slots

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Topic starter Posted : 26/07/2021 6:36 pm
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Prizes for the Prizewheel.

I'll add more as they are used up, but this is roughly what we'll have available:


- 10 x Angry Slots Mugs

- 2 x BTG Bonanza Mugs

- 2 x BTG Lil Devil Mugs

- 2 x BTG Caps

- 3 x No Limit City Mugs

- 3 x No Limit City Caps

- 2 x No Limit City Socks

- 10 x Amazon Vouchers

- 1 x 4ThePlayer Hoodie (to be confirmed)

- 1 x 4ThePlayer Boom Coins (to be confirmed)

- 5 x 200 Free Spins (some t&c apply to these).


Obviously there's £100 for overall 1st, and £25 for 2nd place too.

Topic starter Posted : 14/08/2021 10:45 pm
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Each player will choose 3 games:

  • Game #1 will be played in Group Matches
  • Game #2 will be played in Last 16
  • Game #3 will be played in Quarter Finals
  • Best performing game will be played in Semi Finals
  • All 3 Games will be played in Final, with total profit added.



  • Each game will be played at 40p/50p stake, according to game.
  • Game to be played until it bonuses (only once) or max of 300 spins.
  • Winner of any round will be the one who makes the Highest Profit.
  • Group Stages will have 2 qualifiers, 1st & 2nd.


Prize Wheel Spin will be awarded for:

  • Winning a Group
  • Winning a Last 16 Match
  • Winning a Quarter Final
  • Winning a Semi Final
  • Winning the Final
  • Scoring 250x or more in a Bonus



  • If you haven't given instructions on how to play your bonus, it's left up to how I'd usually play it.
  • If I cannot find your game on Ice36 Casino, I'll look at all others I have an account with.
  • If I cannot find your game on any of my casinos, I'll choose another popular game in place of it for you.
  • If you gamble your bonus & lose, that's the end of your turn. No 2nd bonus is sought.



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Topic starter Posted : 15/08/2021 1:48 am
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